Personal Data Protection

Personal data on the smart identity card is fully protected by the following measures:

  • The collection, storage, use and release of data are governed by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Registration of Persons Ordinance and Registration of Persons Regulations.
  • Only authorised departments have access to the relevant database, and there is no sharing of databases among government departments.
  • Privacy Impact Assessments are conducted periodically.
  • Holders can view the data on their cards through smart identity card readers installed at immigration self-service kiosks after their identities have been authenticated.
  • Only minimal data are stored in the chip. More sensitive data are kept in back-end computer systems. All non-immigration applications of the smart identity card are voluntary options.
  • Data for different applications are segregated. The chip is designed with segregated compartments to separate immigration applications from other value-added non-immigration functions.