Security Features of New Smart Identity Card

To combat forgery, the new smart identity card has incorporated a number of sophisticated security features including:

Security Features of New Smart Identity Card

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1. Hologram with Wave and 3D Effect

Viewed from different angles, the image changes its colour with wave and 3D relief effect.

2. Tactile Relief

Positive tactile effect which can be felt easily by finger.

3. Ink with optically variable properties

The ink displays two distinct colours depending on the angle to be viewed at.

4. Rainbow printing

Rainbow printing is a combination of two colours changing gradually from left to right.

5. See-through window

See-through window is the intersected area between front and back opening, with Hong Kong Identity Card number laser engraved on different layers of the see-through window.

6. Multi-pattern background

Multi-pattern background includes fine-line patterns and guilloche.

7. Stereo Laser Image with portrait

Inclusion of a portrait of a second smaller photograph of the cardholder by the patent security feature of “Stereo Laser Image".

8. Full-colour Image under UV

When the back of the new smart identity card is illuminated under UV light,  a full-colour image of fireworks in Hong Kong and major buildings will come into view.

9. Microprinted text

A very small text which requires a magnifying glass to read.

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